Practice Areas

Our attorneys offer services to clients throughout Louisiana. We specialize in the following practice areas:

Community Property: Our unique analysis system allows us to thoroughly trace funds and assets to capture all the community and separate property at issue. This way, our clients are ensured that they walk away with everything to which they are entitled.

Retirement Division: We have extensive experience in dividing all types of retirement accounts, including military, state, federal and corporate pensions, as well as private and investment accounts and properties.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders: We are only of the only firms in Louisiana that is uniquely positioned to draft any type of QDRO, whether during or after the marriage. Our database built from years of experience coupled with an extensive knowledge of applicable state, federal and tax laws relating to QDROs makes us the go-to law firm for QDROs.

Civil Trials: Litigation is expensive and sometimes the least effective way to solve problems. But, if you’re not prepared to litigate, be prepared to lose. We are prepared to try complex problems in court if there is no better option.

Divorce: When a couple has determined to end their marriage, a strong and knowledgeable attorney can assist in informing a client about making the best decisions for the future. We can handle everything from simple, uncontested divorces to complex divorces with difficult issues to resolve. We’re here to provide clients with expert, discreet legal advice about all issues that arise during a divorce.

Custody: One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is determining custody of minor children. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling every aspect of custody issues: from negotiating legal and physical custody, to settling visitation and exchanges, and even preparing for highly contested custody trials. When it comes to protecting the best interests of a child, our attorneys work closely with clients to expertly manage their custodial needs.

Estate Planning and Successions: Wealth retention is increasingly important to many people. Our firm can assist in resolving issues related to wills, trusts, probate and succession.

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